Handwritten digit recognition is one of the practically important issues in pattern recognition applications. The applications of digit recognition include handwriting recognition, license plate reading, bank check processing, form data entry, etc. The heart of the problem lies within the ability to develop an efficient algorithm that can recognize handwritten digits which are submitted by the users using a scanner, tablet, and other digital devices.

To address this issue in Python, the scikit-learn library provides a good example to better understand this technique, the issues involved, and the possibility of making predictions. The scikit-learn library (http://scikit-learn.org/) enables us to approach…

Exploratory Data Analysis is an approach to analyze data, to summarize the main characteristics of data, and better understand the data set. It also allows us to quickly interpret the data and adjust different variables to see their effect. The three main steps to get a perfect EDA are extracting the data from an authorized source, cleaning and processing the data, and performing data visualization on the cleaned data set.

One type of data that’s easier to find on the net is Weather data. …

Aakanksha Patil

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